Smequeen Preserved Rose Never Withered Roses Flower in Glass Dome, Gift for Valentine's Day Anniversary Birthday (Blue 2)

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Product Description

Smequeen was established in 2006, is a set of Preserved flower, soap flower, development, planning, production, sales as one of the large-scale integrated production enterprises, the main holiday gifts, wedding supplies, promotional products. The main export markets for Southeast Asia, North America, the Middle East, Western Europe and other countries and regions. Special tips:

1. Flowers for the natural thing in the world are not as same as machine manufactured artificial flowers. In order to protect the whole outer petals of the rose designers retain the outer petals of some buckling or curly Roses pole blade floral. 2. Please don't touch it sting hand by hand directly If you don't like to use scissors to cut to living flower petals slightly. 1 to 2 pieces of falling leaves are all belong to normal phenomenon, which will not affect the overall ornamental effect. 3. Please treat natural thing in the world to appreciate the beauty of nature. If kiss mind, please to take the glass. Directly covered on the base, you can take away, they are not together and not a vacuum of moss on the bottom of the express way or with a little falling debris.

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