MoAndy Fashion Necklace for Women Music Note Pendant Necklace Silver Plated Silver Chain Length 46CM/41CM

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M- Mirthful, you make my heart smile.

O- Obligation

A- Abiding, always waiting for you.

N- Need, need you now.

D- Devoted, I love you & love you everything.

Y- Yearn, yes, i do.

MoAndy is the Name of a Well-Known Designer In 1989. MoAndy and a Jeweler decided to start a new kind enterprise about the Jewelry. Jewelry is so charming. As it's the perfect combination of the Value and the Love. However, in the past, it only could be Owned By Minority, especially The Fine Jewelry. Now,we wish that everyone could own his or her unique jewelry collection and under this faith, The MoAndy Borned !!

Music is the depths of the blank.

necklaces for women music

How empty is the loneliness, music will fill it.

How hurt is the pain, music will cure it.

How struggling is the frustration, music will lead it.

How delightful is the happiness, music will share with you.

Music holds difference but harmony.

necklaces for women long

Music fastens members of a world-wide community like a family in virtual choir by Eric Whitacre.

Music harbors different families of instruments in orchestra/band performances.

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necklaces for women quote

"Music is therapy. Music moves people. It connects people in ways that no other medium can. It pulls heart strings."

The note necklace symbolizes beloved music.

necklace for women pendants

  1. Delicate chain, can choose chain length 460mm or 410mm, find one fitting you.
  2. Spring clasp is more convenient to connect with elasticity.

necklace for women gift

  • Packed with a velvet bag which can be sent as a great gift directly
  • An excellent gift to your beloved families or dear friends for anniversary, graduations, birthdays or any memorable moments

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