Joey doesn't share food - engraved spoon - for the friend who doesn't like to share food with anyone - Unique Gift - Best Friend Spoon gift - perfect funny gifts - Gift For Him and Her

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Looking for awesome spoons? Our spoons are best gifts for any occasion like wedding, anniversary, engagement, birthday and festival or any occasion you name it.

These highly durable, trendy silverware spoons are ideal for day to day use as coffee spoon, tea spoon, eating ice cream, serving soup and are can also be used as table spoon for dining as well as for cereal and snack.

A spoons might seem like a small gift but it says a lot about what you feel. It is also very functional in everyday use. Thus your loved one gets to see your message every day!

We have a huge collection of spoons with interesting messages. We have customized spoons too.

This high-quality stainless steel spoon is engraved 'Joey doesn't share food' using industrial standard engraving machine so that the impression will remain forever.

Spoon size: 7 inches -Tea spoon Size.

Full durability and credibility - As a brand, we believe in prime quality! Our entire product line is well designed, unique and high quality.

Our packaging is highly pleasing in design, ready to be sent as a gift and sturdy enough to be shipped anywhere in the world.

We are the manufacturers and we have sold more than 2, 00,000 spoons globally.

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