Dexsa A Prayer for My Children.New Horizons Wood Plaque

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A Prayer for my Children. Dear Father up in heaven, how ungrateful I would be, if I failed to thank You for the children given to me. Of all the many blessings I've received from up above, they are my greatest joy and fill my life with love. I'll do my best to teach them and to raise them in a way, that they will life life worthy to return to You one day. Bless them in their journey to be strong and never waiver, but walk proudly in the footprints of Christ, our loving Savior. For the gift of precious children, I give heartfelt thanks, again. I love You Lord with all my heart, My cup is full...Amen. With the look of reclaimed wood, our New Horizons Plaques feature an inspirational sentiment. Each plaque is individually boxed and is easel backed. Measures 6 inches x 9 inches.

Dexsa Ltd. has been manufacturing unique products for the gift market for over twenty-five years. Each piece is handcrafted to ensure that you are receiving the quality you deserve at an affordable price.

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