ANIMOR 9" Beauty and The Beast Rose,Real Rose Preserved Fresh Flower with Petals in Glass Dome on Wooden Base,Best Gift for Her Birthday Anniversary Valentine Christmas Thansgving Decoration(RED)

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Color: Red

Color: Red

What Is A Preserved Flower?

  A preserved flower is also called an "immortalized flower", "naturalized flower" or "eternal flower". It’s a natural flower but can be kept for an extended amount of time before withering. Once the flowers start to bloom, They are picked and immersed in a non-toxic, drying compound that draws out the moisture and then dyed with various colors. This unique preservation process gives flowers a long- lasting and sustainable life. The solutions and colorants are widely used in the food, medical and textile industries, therefore they do not represent any health or environmental risk or hazard.



Flower Type: Red rose.

Size: 5.5"(diameter) x 8.3"(height).

Lifespan: Around 3-5 years (with proper care).

How to maintain(NOTICE):

1.Preserved fresh flower is for indoor decoration, please don't put it outside or in the sun.NEVER Water them, they don't need any water.

2.Use a hair dryer to cool the wind when dust is present, and gently blow off the dust.

3.Beast rose is not only a flower, but also a Work of art.please don't let your babies or kids eat.

4.If the room is wet, do not expose the material to the air for a long time.

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