50th Birthday Gifts for Women and Men - Funny Toilet Paper Gag Gift - Happy 1970 Bday Gift Ideas, Turning Fifty and 50 Year Old Party Decorations Supplies for Her and Him - 2 Rolls

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Hilarious Joke Gift That Will *literally* Make Your Loved Ones LOL For Hours.
You Can Be The Reason Of Your Loved Ones Magical Smile.
" You Made My Day " That's What They Will Say When You Show This Funny Gift To Them. 
Surprise The Heck Out Of Them By Hanging This Gift Into The Bathroom & Once They Walking Into The Bathroom And Seeing This Roll Then They Will Laugh For Hours.

The Funniest,Grossest,Craziest,Not-Mean Toilet Paper Gag Gift On the Planet !!!!

Specifications :

✔ Design is Printed On All Sheets.
✔ Size : 10 cm X 10 cm
✔ Material : Virgin Wood Pulp
✔ Number Of Layers : 2 Ply
✔ Number Of Sheets Or Pulls : 250 Sheets

Package Included : 
✔ 2 Custom Printed Toilet Paper Roll

Helpful Tips On How To Use This Gift to Surprise Your Loved Ones :
① Hang This Toilet Paper In The Bathroom And Surprise The Heck Out Them When They Walk Into The Bathroom And Look At This The Most Ridiculous Gift  
② Wrap This Toilet Paper Around The Car Or Use This To Decorate House For Their Party

Frequently Asked Questions: 
① How Many Rolls Are Included ?
-> 2 Rolls
②  Design Printed On All Sheets or Just Front Sheet ?
-> All Sheets

Amazing 50 Birthday Gift For Men  And 50 Year Old Birthday Gifts For Women With A Sense Of Humor. This High Quality 1970 Birthday Gifts For Men Is Also Useful To Decorate The House For Birthday Party. Surprisingly Awesome Gifts For 50th Birthday For Women. 

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